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Remechain - Secondary Metal Marketplace
Secondary Metal Marketplace

ICO is successfully finished.

181 800 iRMC tokens are purchased

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25 Jan, 2018 - 25 Feb, 2018

Offering terms

Pre-ICO token: iRMC

iRMC allocation: 6 000 000

RMC per 1 ETH price: 1 iRMC = 0.003125 ETH

Soft cap: 6250 ETH

Start date of release of tokens of iRMC: 1 quarter 2018

The forecast of the price of iRMC in 2018: 0.018281 ETH (+585%)

The forecast of the price of iRMC in 2020: 0.068343 ETH (+2187%)

Profit calculator

= 120.00 $

What is Remechain ?

Remechain is an open Buyer-Supplier ecosystem, available for all participants of the global secondary metal market.

Platform is built on the transparent transaction conditions and fast providing of the unified information and reporting.

Remechain reduces costs on all stages of working with a secondary metals. It provides fast, efficient and safe interaction without intermediaries.

500 mln tons
of metal scrap

For what ?

Remechain is the marketplace using smart-contracts. It allows all the participants of scrap metal market to buy and sell scrap safely, as well as, to control the supply chain to the destination points.

This is the first decentralized exchange, aimed to solve the main problems of secondary metals market.

How it works now

Seller Want to sell his scrap, but:
  • Doesn’t know actual price
  • Can’t choose a buyer
  • Have no guarantee of a deal
Local small reseller Buys this scrap and sells to a bigger player
Local medium reseller Buys from small player and sells to the network company
Network company Buys scrap from all market players to sell it to the plant
Buyer Want to buy scrap, but:
  • Has no assurance in timeline and quality
  • Has no volume guarantee
  • In most cases, buys scrap through 2-4 transactions
Intermediary Provides funds for the whole transaction

How it works with Remechain

Remechain turns trading process into one open global market. We break down the barriers to market entry. Remechain opens access to the open map of buyers & suppliers, international supply-demand statistics, and open data on participants which allow to make a conscious decision for cooperation.

As a result, the decisive competitive advantages are:
  • Quality of work
  • Reputation
  • Customers feedback
Seller Chooses the buyer and sells scrap to him
Buyer Buy scrap directly from seller

Remechain opportunities:

  • Global open market Remechain The project solves the problem of complex information retrieval by creating a single information space
  • Open data on each participant of the marketplace Remechain platform contains open and reliable data about each participant
  • International supply-demand map The problem of promptly receiving information about demand and supply is solved by aggregating information on a single platform
  • Open map of buyers and suppliers This allows to reduce logistics costs and optimize it
  • Simple market entry With Remechain, the entrance to the global secondary recycling market boils down to simple registration on the platform and filling in the participant's card
  • Elimination of risks of non-fulfillment obligations in the deals by means of smart contracts Remechain system reserves the buyer's funds and makes payments to the seller automatically when the parties fulfill their obligations. In the event of default by the seller, the funds return to the buyer

What do you know about metal recycling?

We use and discard millions tons of metal every year. It further processes into everything - from small beverage cans to giant vehicles

500 million tons of scrap metal recycles annually. It comprises 40 percent of the world's available metal which is used for manufacturing. This is huge market that works according to conservative rules.

Metal recycling creates 36 times more jobs than sending the same amount of metal waste to the incinerator, and 6 times more than sending the metal to a landfill.

The National Recycling Coalition says the recycling industry in general generates $106 billion annually.

Comparing making products from recycled metal, and production new metal from mined ore, last one releases greater amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions may influence climate change and may also cause harmful levels of air pollution in cities, resulting on potential respiratory health problems for people

Global Market Statistics

Despite the stable growth of steel production, world scrap metal consumption is around 560 million tons annually, remaining stable over the past six years

Steel Production
Scrap Consumption
$106 bln
$5.5 bln Trader’s fee
$49.6 bln Scrap value without traders' markup

World metal scrap consumption in 2016 exceeded $106 billion, while traders at scrap sales earned about $5.5 billion on fees.

Remechain platform will solve the problem of high transaction costs for suppliers and consumers of scrap, replacing traders in the secondary metals market and reduce the purchase price for secondary raw materials by 10%, which will increase the efficiency of scrap consumers, bringing the platform and its users a potential gain of $ 5.5 billion

The amount of the transaction costs charged for using the platform to conduct deals reduces from 10% to 1%

The average market size of the trader's margin
Commission paid by the seller for the transaction on the platform

Why ICO ?

Omitting the fact that we develop platform using blockchain and smart-contracts, ICO type of fundraising let us release our product much faster than others.

With solid experience on metal industry - 15 years, we already have the product’s alpha-version and client base of 6000 companies for the launch.

Solve actual problem’s of scrap metal market through blockchain. Remechain saves for market up to $5.5 billion on transactions. Easy, transparent and secure.

Remechain platform revenue
iRMC token price

Invest in progress

If you want to become investor of new global metal market with turnover over $106 billion, join Pre-ICO!


Ivan Myasoedov Remechain Founder "We create a simple and effective tool for market participants and make the world cleaner"
Gennadiy Sidorenko Technical Expert "When I learned about Remechain, I decided to become part of this team, to help the project in implementation, using the vast experience of past projects. Remechain is the future of the secondary metals market!"
Alexander Andreev Recycling advisor "I worked 15 years in waste management industry. One of Remechain's purposes is the environment protection. I believe that my experience will help in the implementation of the project"
Vivek Tomer Scrap Advisor "In the United States, I already worked with a project in the field of scrap metal. Having learned about Remechain, I immediately realized that the project has great potential, and I can make a great contribution to its development"
Dimitry Chistyakov Technical Director "Teamwork is what each of us values in the Remechain project. Thanks to joint efforts, we can develop a project that will be in demand on the market"
Alexey Petrov System Architect (Ethereum Architect) "If you enjoy the tools used, the work will be done successfully"
Aleksandr Limm Specialist in PR and marketing "Remechain creates something that no one else has done. This is a pioneer project. I feel inspired as part of this big movement"
Daniil Myasoedov Business Analyst "I am inspired by the opportunity to introduce advanced blockchain technology for the real sector of the economy, becoming the market leaders in secondary metals market"
Aidar Karachurin Platform Manager "Remechain qualitatively changes one of the most conservative markets, reducing consumption and simplifying interaction. Remechain is a very significant project that develops the concept of honest, conscious relationships in big business"

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